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How To Report Your Huobi Global Taxes

You HAVE TO maintain local orderbook data,such as updating your local orderbook bids and asks data. If there is no orderbook event, you will not receive any orderbook data. Orderbook will be pushed if orderbook is updated whenever incremental or snapshot. Connect all parameters with ’&’ according to the sequence above. All take-profit and stop-loss orders are position closing orders.

If size field and from/to fields are not filled, It will return error messages. If it is an order-related issue, use the API order query interface swap-api/ v1/swap_order_info to keep the complete log returned and provide your UID and order number. At present, we do not have an interface by which users can directly query the maximum amount available to open by using users’ the current asset.

I’m looking for a simple API description to get some basic stats from the exchange. Mainly the last trading price, and current orderbook (bids & asks). The thing is different in SDK v2, the client class is categorized as seven data categories, so that the responsibility for each client is clear. For example, if you only need to access market data, you can use MarketClient without applying API Key, and all the market data can be retrieved from MarketClient. If you want to operate your order, then you know you should use TradeClient and all the order related methods are there. Since the category is exactly same as the API document, so it is easy to find the relationship between API and SDK. In SDK v2, each client is smaller and simpler, which means it is easier to maintain and less bugs.

huobi order api

With the launching of this new endpoint, the existing REST endpoint “v1/order/orders” will be kept in service. Meanwhile, Huobi is planning to have a delegated data service to support users’ demands on long-term history data. Once this new service become available, the “v1/order/orders” will be deprecated. We will keep you informed promptly once the timeline determined. If request BTC asset, BTC asset info and all positions info of BTC options will be returned; if request USDT asset, only USDT asset info will be returned and no positions info will be returned. You can use our API to access all market data, trading, and account management endpoints. Only return data of sub-accounts that have agreed to access the contract market.

Q2: Why Are Apis Disconnected Or Timeout?

Sub user can be used to isolate the assets and trade, the assets can be transferred between parent and sub users. The assets can not be transferred between sub users, only parent user has the transfer permission. Market Data Request Reject message is used to reject the request for the market data. Market Data Request message is used to request market data. The snapshot message represents the initial collection of the orders in the order book. Further updates are modifying this collection.update_type determines the type of update for the order. Please note that the snapshot message has no defined update_type.

Mina Protocol, Huobi Token Among Top Crypto Movers In 24H – Benzinga – Benzinga

Mina Protocol, Huobi Token Among Top Crypto Movers In 24H – Benzinga.

Posted: Tue, 07 Dec 2021 15:03:00 GMT [source]

You’ll also find the option to download a range of tax reports on this page, like your Huobi Transaction History, Capital Gains Report, Income Report and more. Koinly can also generate Huobi tax statements based on your chosen location. For example, the HMRC Capital Gains Summary for UK investors. Finally Koinly works out which of your Huobi trades are taxable, and which are not. All of this is really important for being able to submit an accurate Huobi tax return to your tax office.


Since Futures, Coin Margined swaps, USDT Margined swaps are different contracts with different interface addresses, different ws will be needed. It is recommended that place the server in AWS Tokyo C zone and use the domain, which can effectively reduce network disconnection and network timeout.

Note that right now there is no account update when transferring between spot account and other accounts. Once the Websocket connection is established, Huobi server will periodically send “ping” message at 20s interval, with an integer inside. 3) While there is single side order book update, either bid or ask, the incremental message sent from 5-level/20-level MBP feed only contains that side update.

  • API user could query static reference information for each currency, as well as its corresponding chain.
  • All via API interface submited price limit orders that had been cancelled will only be kept for 2 hours.
  • Take the symbol BTC/USDT as an example, BTC is the base currency, and USDT is the quote currency.
  • If the Dead man’s switch is turned on and the API call isn’t sent twice within the set time, the platform will cancel all of your orders on the spot market(a maximum cancellation of 500 orders).

Our book management rules are based on widely used principles from traditional finance — a combination of NEW, UPDATE, and DELETE events. This is a very straightforward approach that helps to easily build reliable and predictable software. In FIX we use MarketDataRequest to indicate updates for what instrument and exchanges we would like to receive. The XTRD MD Feeder expects that you will start your handshake by sending a special message called Logon that contains fields Username and Password. As you can see, the application will start sending orders only if it is in the APP_ENTER_MARKET stage which is a combination of MD_READY and ORD_READY.

Query Information On History Open Interest

Orders cannot be queried according to client_order_id if exceeding 24 hours. In nodejs and javascript, JSON.parse defaults to int, and numbers with more than 18 digits are parsed using the json-bigint package. If size, from and to are all filled, from and to parameter will be ignored. Future, Coin Margined Swap,Option Swap and USDT Margined Swap are using separate API rate limits. When switching leverage with no positions, the event “switch_lever_rate” will not be pushed by the position topic. A regular push of position is performed every 5 sedconds.The event field of the reponse is “snapshot”.If there is a push in 5 seconds, snapshot push will be skipped.

huobi order api

Version field) – in case of detecting missed message WebSocket connection is being restarted. Browse other questions tagged python api request huobi or ask your own question. If you don’t need to access private data, you can ignore the API key. Please refer to our official announcement if there are further adjustments on the fee structure or the valid period of it. Order book will be checked every 30 ms. If there is an update, the system will push to you; if not, you will not receive any push data.

Query Information On System Status

All via API interface submited price limit orders that had been cancelled will only be kept for 2 hours. Created_at should use timestamp of long type as 13 bits , if send the accurate timestamp for “created_at”, query performance will Iterative and incremental development be improved. The real_profit is calculated with the average price in open position and the transaction average price in close position . Post-Only orders are limit orders that will never take liquidity (also called maker-only order).

The full fields description for NewOrderSingle message can be found here. Our application will take the top of the book price and then will send a Limit order with price X pips aways from the best bid or offer . Our goal is to create an order which will rest in the book for a certain amount of time before the algo cancels it. So we will “feed” all market data events into our simple book. This way we can be sure that we have an accurate picture of what is going on in a market .

The calculated maker rebate value inside ‘filled-fees’ would not be paid immediately. This endpoint returns all open orders which have not been filled completely. If the order price is less crypto exchange connectors development than the lowest selling price in the market, the order will be accepted. If the order price is greater than or equal to the lowest selling price in the market, the order will be rejected.

A book_l3 message is sent for each snapshot or update of the order book in the level 3 format (order-by-order). Every ask and bid corresponds to passive order with information on the price and size of that order. When querying order cancellation data from Order Details Acquisition interface, if there are parameters created_at and order_type, only 90 days data can be queried.

huobi order api

Not only can Koinly import Huobi transaction history, but Koinly can also calculate your Huobi taxes in a format that makes sense for your country’s tax office. As a Huobi tax software, Koinly is able to a bunch of impressive tasks that save you time and can even save you from paying too much taxes.

Query Account And Position Info

Only data of sub-accounts with contract trading opened will be returned. If it is an order-related issue, use the API order query interface option-api/v1/option_order_info to keep the complete log returned and provide your UID and order number.

TagNameDescription320SecurityReqIDSecurityReqID from Security List Request message.322SecurityResponseIDUnique ID of the response message.560SecurityRequestResultResult of the Security List Request. A OHLCV message is sent for each update on the periods between 1SEC and 1MIN. A Book50 message is sent for each update on orderbook first 50 best bid or ask levels.

Finally, Koinly compiles all this information into one simple tax summary, available on your tax report page. Sometimes your trading session might have live working orders sitting somewhere in books. The XTRD FIX API has a special message to call for these working horses — OrderMassStatusRequest. In the FIX world, most of the information about orders is transmitted using ExecutionReport message. This message contains the most number of fields in comparison with other messages from FIX language. But it helps to precisely identify orders and their respective statuses.

Calling the “Get Contract Index Price Information” interface (/swap-api/v1/swap_index), the returned “index_price” will be the latest index price. Invoking the “Query The Last Trade of a Contract(swap-ex/market/trade)” interface, the returned “price” will be the latest price.

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